Nieuwsbrief 1e kwartaal 2022

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Daniël, de Principal van het KVTC en de opvolger van Anne, houdt ons op de hoogte van het wel en wee van de school en de inhoud van zijn berichten geven wij graag via deze site aan U door.

‘’2022 – KVTC community school for communities ”

We started the year with an in-depth reflection on how the community benefits from their school. Students, teachers, and non-teaching staff together came up with this 2022 motto.

Dear all,

Despite Kibosho community and its surroundings benefiting from sponsorship opportunities to study at KVTC and access to the services of our graduates, we have seen the need to take the college to all the suburbs of the Kibosho community. How wonderful it is for the young people of our college to think broadly about benefiting this community by doing volunteer work (Environment cleaning and planting trees is the priority) at least once a month. This February we started this in Lyamungo Health Centre (see also the photo’s).

Every Friday this year, each trade in their fields goes to the community to practice practically what they have learned as a theory at the school. This enables them to gain market awareness and self-promotion however they benefit the community by solving various professional challenges that are in the capacity of our students.

Dear friends, this year we continue to train in four technical fields and one in agriculture and animal husbandry both long and short courses. With your love and efforts so far we have fifty new students in one intake at the beginning of the year. This has never happened before. We urge each and everyone of us to work hard to inspire others to sponsor one more student so that together we can help more young people who are in a difficult situation to gain vocational education.

”We eat what we produce”

This is our motto since the COVID19 pandemic. Our farm has been a great help in reducing food costs and training our students in best farming practices. We are certainly proud of this idea. Although there are various challenges such as irrigation infrastructures and agricultural inputs, we are grateful to have various stakeholders who assist us in training and professional advice. We believe there is a place and role for you to play, we would be glad to hear from you. What/where would you like to be?

With love and respect on behalf of Kibosho Vocational Training Centre

Daniel Mboya


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  1. Hi Daniel,
    Always so good to hear about the progress and the new plans of the school.
    And to see the happy faces of the students when they are working.
    Good luck !!!

  2. Hey Daniel
    Very nice to see all the things the students do and what they learn practical for their future. I was there in Umbwe when we look for the ground to building a school. Together with Michael Ngarina, the father of Dorothy , you met her last week. And now to see all that happy faces, wunderful.

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