Nieuwsbrief 1e kwartaal 2024

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Hello family, here again in 2024 happy and healthy we hope you do the same and we wish good health to those who are not okay. We are very pleased to see our students back at the school health and motivated to face 2024 after the annual holiday. Jointly we, the family of Kibosho VTC (Umbwe), the board of directors, the management, the staff, and all students wish you a happy new year 2024 and we are happy that we will be in touch again.

We opened the school on January 15 and we officially started training for the first semester on 29th February. We still have our normal five courses in 1.Electrical installation 2.Animal husbandry 3.Motor vehicle mechanics 4.Designing sewing and clothing technology (tailoring) and Masonry and bricklaying. These five courses are open for their short courses from three months to one year, we are also open for short courses on Computer applications, the English language, Entrepreneurship, animal keeping, hydroponic fodder production, and horticultural farming. These short courses apart from those on our five trades can be offered for one month.

Dear family and friends like reported to you last year that our second and third years for 2024 graduated as per the guidelines where all four trades except animal husbandry can have to exit at level two and those who pass their second year can apply for third year. In this context, we are looking forward to the national examination results which will be released between February and April to see our students enrolling with us for their third year. Of those who were first year last year most have (22) reported except a few who have failed to afford school fees. We are open for the first year of 2024 until 30th March we will update you on the number of students who have enrolled in general. Our focus is to enroll at least 40 new students who will be in long courses this year and at least 40 in different short courses.

Without compromising our five-year strategic plan KVTC for 2024 is aiming toward its sustainability plans and the only way towards it is through enrolling a good number of students both paying and sponsored students and through income-generating activities in trades, farming, and related business. We have also committed ourselves to eating what we [produce to about 70% of the food budget to cut costs and enable our students to learn how to use their homeland in sustainable farming. Dear friend for KVTC to manage all said above we kindly request your moral and financial support through sponsoring students since most Kibosho residents cannot afford to pay for the school fees. We also would like to increase the brand of the school to attract more students now and in the future by providing good and competent training, this will be possible when we have the right training facilities and infrastructure such as good workshops and training materials and equipment. We believe you can support KVTC through direct donations or suggesting to us organizations, schools, or individuals whom we can ask for such.

Please let us join hands together to create a good today and tomorrow for the privileged people from Kibosho who are desperate for education from Kibosho and its surroundings.

Kind regards,

Daniel Mboya,

Principal/Coordinator Kibosho VTC.

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