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Nieuwsbrief 2e kwartaal 2022

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It took a long and tiring time to wait for the results of the December 2021 national exam, but when it came out in June it was a great joy and excitement for the students who did well. Almost all performed well only five had to reseat two to three exams, what a great achievement. The five had repeated their examination this July and everything went well.

All colleges are currently managed by NACTEVET. Colleges should provide training in accordance with the procedures and guidelines for conducting vocational training. Many colleges have started to be audited only those colleges that meet the criteria and guidelines for conducting vocational training have been allowed to continue providing training. It is a great mystery for our college, we wonder if we will be able to meet the criteria and conditions in order to continue to provide training? That is why we urge you to join us in facilitating access to learning materials and facilities in electrical workshops, masonry and bricklaying, tailoring, motor vehicle mechanics and laboratory for animal husbandry.

Our food production policy continues well, the motivation to work hard on our farms and livestock for students and staff is great. Despite the challenges of the cold and heavy rains, our faith is still strong and our long-standing plants like coffee, apricot and fodder are thriving. Property in the field has been severely affected by the cold and even some livestock have been in a difficult situation, many of the chickens that were able to hatch died from the cold. We have decided to grow beans and cassava to wait for the winter to end to continue horticulture. On the farm we now have cabbage, tomatoes, cassava, bananas, apricots and beans. There is a need for good irrigation and heating infrastructure such as greenhouse and heater in livestock sheds.

Our community service program has continued almost every month as we informed you earlier, and many dispensaries have enjoyed the service. We decided to improve the environment of our college so that it could match the services we provide to our community. Full details and photos will be provided in the next newsletter.

The curriculum has changed slightly this time to allow for the census on 23 August 2022. We did not have a holiday in June instead the holiday will start at the end of July, this week and next week we have started the first semester exams and from July 17 we will start field attachment for the second and third years. Practical in and out of school for all trades, sports and games as well as nice food have been enjoyed by all.

Until next time, with love and respect on behalf of Kibosho vocational training Centre

Daniel Joseph Mboya


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  1. Hallo. We zijn net terug vanuit Sumbawanga en Kilangala. Waar zitten jullie met de vtc? We herkennen de problemen met accreditatie. Is jullie school nu ook governmental of private?

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