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Nieuwsbrief november 2022

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Indeed, this is a unique year, when the year starts we often have many plans without knowing what will happen in the future, but the college always sets its plans.
The change in the education law to return colleges to NACTEVET instead of VETA was another matter after Anna left. We received a letter regarding this wish to be visited, great fear spread as the parameters for us to continue providing training were small. Our courses need to be accredited in order to do so, the number of qualified teachers should be increased, and fully qualified workshops are needed (Rooms with enough space, lighting, machines and other learning equipment. Upstairs fence and balcony, laboratory, library, toilets, and incinerator are needed for quickly to the desired quality). This is a big test for a first-time independent college principal.
Urgent measures are needed so the college’s plans are changing suddenly, the board of trustees, the board of directors, the leadership of the college, the Kibosho community, various stakeholders, and friends of the college should come together to save our college.
Despite those challenges, the day came and NACTVET came to inspect, luckily the college was not closed. We were given time to put our things right to meet the criteria. Several things have been done and the condition of the college has definitely improved. The library has been completed, the computer room and its computers are promising, but some are still in need of maintenance
Animal husbandry has found part of their laboratory but it is completely unequipped. The toilets have been replaced and are now working. For the main building, the work of straightening the angle and plastering the exterior has been completed. The balcony and the fence have been finished, and painting the front side and placing the glass on the front side is complete, many thanks to the Marcel family and Edward and their friends for contributing and helping to do the work, the side and back area still has no glass, it has not been skimmed and it has no paint, still a big job is required. The contentment is for the electrical and tailoring students who have already moved upstairs, they are enjoying their studies because they have a good opportunity to learn in good classrooms. But they suffer from the cold because the side that does not have glass lets in a strong wind. The school has a new and attractive look, we are eager to see it complete and meet the criteria.

Stakeholders in Tanzania have not been behind, various measures have been taken including holding meetings with stakeholders and local governments. All of them wish to see their college move forward, they are ready to give themselves to the situation and wealth. The measures to obtain permits for raising citizens and other stakeholders were done, and the good news is that the government has agreed to issue those permits. We are waiting for approval so that we can start collecting a little money from the people of Kibosho.

A call is made, and we ask all the stakeholders who have dedicated themselves to building this college to work together to complete our school. Your contributions are very important, we recognize the contribution of some of you to support our students, it will be a great pleasure to see us help each other to improve our learning environment so that all students can get full knowledge and be able to compete with the job market and be self-employed.

Our small farm and livestock projects have continued to help with food and certainly have not been able to generate profit as most of the energy has shifted to the renovation of the college.
Our students are happy to see the improvements being made, even requesting that we not have a big graduation to save the money to be used for college improvements.
Preparation for national exams continues for students of all levels. New and existing teachers are very motivated to work, and non-teaching staff together fight to build our college and save it from losing registration.
In January, we will officially start doing our accreditation of courses, so I am putting a request in front of you, I am asking you to help me get a machine and equipment to meet the inspection. More extensive marketing is needed as more than 70 students will graduate thus having an insufficient number to be registered. These things need money and surely together we can go far, your one Euro, your one dollar and any money for us will bring great benefits. Welcome to this good work that we have started.

On behalf of KVTC
Daniel Mboya

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  1. Thanks Daniel for your letter its stimulates me to do actions for the school. I hoop the school shall start with a lot of students of Kibosho in januari we wish you and your teachers succes by your work at school.
    Ineke Amesz

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