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Nieuwsbrief november 2023

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2020-2022 graduation ceremonies could not be held for three years due to COVID-19 and lack of funds. The year 2023, as reported earlier, has been a unique year for this beloved school. 11/11/2023 the tenth graduation was again one of the made possible things of the year 2024 possibly the more successful celebrations than what we have ever had in previous periods. We had many guest about three hundred people, Mass media like several television, local radio stations, newspaper and bloggers. It was a talk of the day we are very proud of our students whom 24 of them were graduating and ready to go and make a difference to their community.

Three major and important things accompanied this celebration.

1. Completion of all exterior walls of the main building by plastering, painting, and glazing. A great job has been done thanks to the employees of KVTC, Marcel and his group, and all stakeholders who made the job successful. This was a dream awaited for more than ten years.

2. On 10/11/2023 the day of a large gathering of students who studied at KVTC (alumni) was preceded by a meeting of their leaders and the college administration. They were given a brief report on the development of the college and where we are heading. A lot was discussed and they showed great joy to be part of our college family. They agreed to be the ambassadors of the college and cooperate with the management of the college to promote the school, they also chose their leaders who would coordinate the various activities of their union and marketing the school in their working area and community they are living in.

3. A meeting of local government leaders, various stakeholders, citizens, and college leaders preceded the graduation ceremony. The administration read a short statement of the college and explained the five-year strategic plan of the College. This meeting discussed many things including why students from Kibosho have become few, the image of the college in the community the benefits many young people who studied at KVTC got, and suggestions for the trades they want. Many were advised and the college promised to work on them.

They all came out happy and excited to promote the college wherever they go
Dear friends, this is a great sign for a successful year 2024, we hope to find many students who can pay the fees and many who apply for funding. I invite you to support one Kibosho child by sponsoring his/her fee, you will certainly have touched the whole community.

With joy
Daniel Mboya
Principal Kibosho VTC

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  1. What a great audience bij the graduation!!! It is a great plus for you Daniel as pricipal of the school. I hope it will breng many new students to the KVTC Whish you the best for 2024

  2. Prachtig maar weer..het blijft maar doorgaan, in de goede zin van het woord, prima………
    Fijn dat we op de hoogte gehouden worden van de ontwikkelingen..
    Succes met alle activiteiten…..

    1. Thank you Lucss Bartlema, It is indeed going on. We are moving forward in the good direction although it is slowly. We shall inform you of everything since you are part of this school where you have done a lot and still doing it

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